Jack is as innovative and unafraid as he is prolific.


we as a species use extracts from mother earth  daily.  we have this insatiable desire for “stuff”    Irresponsibly, all that we put back is trash.
i see the world in all its splendor and glory and i see it being ruined by our (7) deadly sins–mostly the gluttony aspect. oils, minerals,water the entire eco-system is off kilter because the monkey believes that food/clothing/shelter is no longer enough. The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many so now its the need to belong, to be loved, to be seen and heard–caddillac/mansions/and other assorted golden calves. we want a thing, we buy a thing , we use a thing , we trash a thing–why do i pick in the trash. the life of things, the meaning of things, the hope that i create something from your nothing giving things a utility that otherwise would go back into the earth, if only just to prolong adding to the mountains and mountains and endless mountains of trash. why do we paint on blank canvas or need a clean sheet of paper to write on when there is an endless availability of school supplies in the trash.
I love Detroit because i understand her, i will hold her hand as she works out her problems. i wont make excuses or condone unacceptable behavior but i will always believe in her ability to rise up through all the madness that plagues her borders now. perhaps, my trash will reminder others of a treasure that is more important than net worth: “self-worth”.


Jack Johnson

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