Diego Rivera (left) + Sydney G. James (right)

The GRCC Outdoor Gallery is a Diego Rivera “Detroit Industry” fresco inspired fine art contribution to the GRCC project. “The Detroit Industry fresco cycle was conceived by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (1886–1957) as a tribute to the city’s manufacturing base and labor force of the 1930s…Rivera was a Marxist who believed that art belonged on public walls rather than in private galleries.” The GRCC artists are no Marxists, however they share similar beliefs with Rivera regarding public art. 10 artists and craftsmen created an outdoor visual art experience that is open for any and all to see. Rivera illustrated the culture of Detroit in the 1930s. The GRCC has illustrated what is occurring now and the future aspirations for the state of the city.

Founder of GRCC: Derek Weaver

GRCC Outdoor Gallery Curator:  Sydney G. James

Contributing Artists and Craftsmen: Sydney G. James, Clifton Jamaal Perry, Christopher Batten, Sabrina Nelson, Halima Cassells, Tanecia Nunlee, Alonzo Edwards, Lamar Landers, and Deandre Norman.